Zatěžovací člen ELGON pro CPX a CPA do 12500 kg

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Zatěžovací člen ELGON
Pro použití se snímači: Dini Argeo CPA, CPX
Výrobce: Dini Argeo
Kapacita: CPX do 12500 kg, CPA do 10000 kg
Materiál: nerez
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Thanks to the ELGO modular kit, it is possible to quickly install CPX compression Load Cells, up to 12.500kg, and CPA load cells up to 10.000kg for weighing of silos, tanks, or different kinds of structures, containing installation costs. Built in STAINLESS steel and extremely simple to clean, ELGO is ideal for weighing in environments which are hostile, or that have high hygiene requirements. ATEX certification II 2GD c IIC T6 85°C.


  • Adapt the kit’s height to the structure to be weighed.
  • Choose the ideal position for the load cell, lifting it from the ground in order to avoid dust and rubble.
  • Choose the ideal installation direction of the cell (standard or turned upside down), according to the application.
  • Create double cell systems, doubling the reliability of the weighing system.


  • Compatible with CPX load cells up to 12,500kg and CPA up to 10,000kg.
  • Square stainless steel plate, for fixing directly to the load cells or to the circular plates.
  • Stainless steel multifunctional circular plates, designed to reach the desired height, and for the slot and locking of the load cell.
  • Stainless steel load button, to combine with ELGOC for simple systems, with dummy load cells.
  • Self-centring system for optimal weighing performances.
  • Compensation system of the expansion on the transverse axial, +/- 2,5mm.
  • The ELGO kit does not avoid overturns, nor protect against overloads/lateral forces.

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