Uložení VPG Cellmate pro 3410/3510 with load button nerez

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Uložení Cellmate with load button
Pro použití se snímači: 3410/3510
Výrobce: VPG
Kapacita: 3410 250 – 2000 kg, 3510 300 – 5000 kg
Materiál: nerez
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• Simplifies load cell installation on tanks, silos, and other
weighing vessels
• 3 models suitable for load cell Models 3510, 3410,
3420, and 355
• Accepts load cells ranging in capacity from 5 to 5,000 kg
• Permanent protection against load cell damage
• Grounding strap provides low resistance path to
minimize electrical potentials
• Provision for thermal expansion, contraction and lift-off
due to winds or collision
• Cable gland protector prevents cable damage
• Stainless steel construction
• Internal jack for load cell easy installation and replacing
• Ball and cup version also available
• Hostile environments applications
• Process control
• Batch weighing
• Silo/hopper weighing
• Belt scale weighing
The CellMateTM is a superior load cell mounting assembly
that dramatically simplifies load cell installation

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