VPG CSP 10 – 100 t

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Compression Load Cell
Výrobce: Vishay Precision Group
Kapacita: 10 t, 25 t, 40 t, 60 t, 100 t
Materiál: nerez
Třída přesnosti: C1, C3, C4
IP: IP68
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  • Capacity range: 10T–100T
  • Low profile
  • 4-Column design ensures low sensitivity to eccentric loads
  • Hermetically sealed to IP68
  • Full stainless steel welded construction for washdown and harsh environments
  • OIML approved to 3500d (OIML R-60)
  • Easy corner calibration with current matched (mV/V)/ohm output)
  • Current calibration output (SC version) ensures easy and accurate parallel connection of multiple load cells


  • Truck weighbridges
  • Silo and hopper weighing
  • Train “rail” scales
  • Process weighing

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10 t C3, 25 t C3, 40 t C3, 60 t C3, 100 t C1

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